Our innovative solutions will help you to establish enterprise capabilities based on skills and competencies. Prepare for change and allow your intelligence team to master a new language to simplify their findings, understand complexity and integrate the scientific method to identify, evaluate and approach complex phenomena.
Applications for:
National security, military, corporate security and multidimensional intelligence

Defense and national security

Intelligence is a vital resource for defense at strategic and tactical levels. With increasing amounts of data, it is becoming a real challenge for analysts.

A key task in defense against threats, is to achieve a precise understanding of their nature.

Therefore, the role of the analyst should include:

  • Understand and communicate threat information effectively to the decision makers at every level of the organization.
  • Have access to a tool that visualize relationships and decipher the patterns in the data.

Our method has been tested on national security tasks to satisfy one of the biggest challenge in the field: gather, analize and visualize critical intelligence against threats.

Applications for:
Authorities, private security, corporate security

Intelligence-Led Policing

For intelligence-led policing, an important task is the study of complex data patterns to understand changing tendencies, predict behavior and stop crime before it happens . An essential ability to conduct a successful police investigation is to find and prove compromising links. The use of network visualization techniques to uncover and understand these connections, has been a priority for the law enforcement units for many years. Examples of network visualization application in law enforcement related scenarios include:

  • Criminal groups relationships: network analytics can be used to understand power relationships to the inside and outside of an organization, including individuals and other groups. Such a level of understanding would be impossible to achieve by looking at the relationships independently.
  • Resource assignment: deep understanding of data is essential for effective decision making. Through the use of network visualization, the forces of order can win this comprehension and optimize how resources are assigned.
  • Legal comunication interception: visualizing comunications as a network allows to uncover a holistic vision of the data. Our solutions can make comunication interception more simplier, faster and effective.
  • Structure: understand the social structure of gangs and terrorist cells is essential to fight them back. Without this knowledge, law enforcers cannot determine if their vigilance operations are focused on key individuals or not.
Applications for:
Central Banks, Treasury, National financial intelligence units

Systemic risk in financial networks

Systemic risk refers to the operation of the overall financial system as a whole. It does not only depends of the behavior of a single institution. Modern economies are complex adaptive systems. To gain insights in this context, network analytics is the right tool to uncover complex patterns at the individual and collective level.  Understand financial network with the inherent complexities of their dynamics is key to decision making, policies formulation and regulations.

Our solution allows you to manage systemic risk in the financial networks.

Applications for:
Banking, Authorities, Financial intelligence teams

Money laundering prevention

Money from organized crime goes through a legitimization process before entering in the financial system. Although legislation varies around the world, the overall process consist of identifying the real identity and intentions of the clients, making sure their transactions comply with the law and applicable legislation.

Applications for:
Banking, Finance

Know your customer / employee (KYC / KYE)

New regulations require the recolection and analysis of more data than before. Banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions can rely in our solutions to overcome the challenges that comes with the analysis of big amounts of data. We can help you integrate your existing products for KYC and KYE with our tools.

Applications for:
Corporate security, banking, finance & insurance

Fraud prevention

Many organizations are in need of intelligence solutions that are afordable and scalable. These solutions need to keep up with the ever-changing and sofisticated techniques used by the scammers.

Our solution allows to analyze and visualize fraud networks, giving a valuable tool for the prevention officers to prevent and fight this kind of crimes.


Data produced by cybersecurity brings new challenges to the table. Network analytics & visualization provides to the analysts an intuitive interface to explore intelligence data, reconstruct history and communicate their conclusions with the rest of the team. Network visualization helps to simplify complex data into a format that easier to understand and explain to others.

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