¿Quiénes somos?
Avidly pursuing excellence, we are the right company to offer a consistent approach to your clients, increasing the value of your company. We take on new challenges with enthusiam, look for unconventional solutions and embrace ideas that will change the world.

About the company

Auricom® Research LLC is a company dedicated to develop advanced technology on fraud prevention and detection, prevent money laundering and anthropological analysis for complex criminal networks. As part of our offerings, Auricom® xView and Auricom® BigGraph Suite are the most advanced tools in the market for network analysis, designed from ground up to comprehend big and complex phenomena.


With a consistent approach based on advanced cientific research and state-of-the-art technology, we help our clients to obtain a deeper comprehension of their environment, simplify the complexity through intuiton and strenght their security by foreseeing treats and opportunities.


Become the global leader by delivering the maximum value to our customers and enable them with skills based on advanced and sofisticated technology that allows them to prevent and react on time to the challenges of a highly dynamic and interconnected world.


We are not focused on what we do but on how we do it. Therefore, we believe in these values:
  • We are trustworthy: We deliver our commitments with honesty and responsibility. Everything and everyone is important and relevant for us.
  • We are innovative: We create innovative solutions, that is why we value imagination and experience. We believe that team work can turn ideas and tecnologies into solutions for our clients
  • We are proactive: We take new challenges and initiative. We act with tenacity to bring solutions to our clients. We manage risks with responsibility and reach our goals in time.


Our objectives are:

  • Global growth: Increase our businesses through solutions for electronic warfare, organized crime, terrorism, defense, intelligence, corporate security and training solutions.
  • Collaboration: Build an unified culture based on discipline and collaboration to reach our goals.
  • Competitive advantage: Develop strong and lasting relationships with our clients. Procure an impecable performance to offer solutions that are more effective and affordable than what our global competitors offer.
  • Phone Number: PBX: (506) 2201-4731

  • Contact Mail: sales@auricomsoftware.com